Paper Pistol

is a graphic design house.


Graphic design is the great combination of colors & shapes, which combined, are expressing the right thing.


We build branding strategy to achieve communication goals: useful and efficient elements to perfectly target your audience. We work in close collaboration with our clients to be sure we will transform our collective vision into tangible elements.

The right content on the right support.

We bring our best skills and network to ideas we are serving.

We believe concept is the key for a good communication.

Beautiful is great, meaningful is better.

We always encourage sustainable choices, local sourcing,

up-cycling and recycled options.


branding - logo - charte graphique



windowshop - signage - exhibition - store communication



 publishing - magazine - stationery


Behind the scene

Behind Paper Pistol is Clotilde Francillon, a free lance graphic designer, who brings a team of designers, carpenters, printers and specialists when specific skills and tricks are required.

Behind the name

Paper pistol has an incredible double meaning we love to play with!

On one hand an harmless and childish game made of a simple fold paper sheet, and on the other hand an allegory of communication, reminding of the remarkable power of words and images.